Raising a teen or tween in the city means parents face unique challenges. PhillyTweens takes an in-depth look at the issues, the struggles, the successes and of course the joys of city living for kids closing in on adulthood. It’s news coverage for parents to help your city kids thrive.

Why Tree Hugging Is Good For Our Mental Health

“if we add a
bit of mindfulness into the mix, we will be sure to feel even better.

PARENTS Names Best Apps for Kids in 2021

this year’s list of The Best Apps for Kids has options to keep all children entertained while learning,”

How SDP Plans To Replace Superintendent Hite

The district laid out a timeline and the steps it’s taking to find the right person for the job”

Bad News and Good News When It Comes to Teen Driving

the yearly number of fatal crashes involving the youngest drivers has fallen since 2010.”

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How CHOP is Making Sure Your Teen is Ready

Honking horns, sirens, bikers, pedestrians, double parkers, parallel parking, and the HORNS! Driving in Philadelphia can leave even experienced and skilled drivers feeling nervous, frustrated, and sometimes scared. How will you know when your 16-year-old is ready to get behind the wheel? Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has you covered.


It’s About Time

I’m a storyteller always looking for more time. I’ve spent two decades working in television newsrooms producing content and newscasts. Much of my career I’ve spent here in Philadelphia at NBC10 and Fox29. There’s much to tell in a city this size and a limited amount of time.

As a mom raising a child approaching her teens in Philadelphia, I’ve always wanted the time to dive deep into issues that impact urban families. Public education, homelessness, mental health, teen driving to name a few.

I also want to tell stories about all that the city has to offer, the good and the not so good. And I want to hear the stories of city dwellers raising kids. We’re all in this together.

PhillyTweens is a dream come true for me, I’ve finally found my time.

Jackie Gailey Raible

Editor & Chief