Apply to Get Your School’s Green Project Funded (Green Schools Program)

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In 2007, Recyclebank (now locally branded as Philacycle) created the Green Schools Program. The Program was created to foster environmental learning in schools and to inspire the next generation of green leaders. Any school located in a Recyclebank community is eligible to apply for a grant through Recyclebank’s Green Schools Program.

If the school is selected as a Green Schools Finalist, Recyclebank members can then donate their points (250 points = $1) to Green Schools projects during the donation period. At the end of the donation period, those points are converted to grant dollars to help make the projects a reality!

Recyclebank Green Schools Program will award environmental project grants of up to $2,500 to 50 selected schools located within Recyclebank communities.

The Program is currently available to schools (grades K-12) located within Recyclebank communities. If you are unsure if your community has the Recyclebank program, contact the Green Schools Program at

Apply here:

If you aren’t already signed up to get points just for the recycling you are already doing, sign up here. You can also get points for scrolling through slideshows and taking simple quizzes. This is a great activity to get your kids to do for you!

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