New Center for Child Psychological Services Fosters Growth at Home and School

*This is a sponsored post created in partnership with The Bryn Mawr Center for Psychological and Educational Services*

Families in the Philadelphia area seeking psychological evaluation, therapy, and educational assistance have a new center for expert support.

The Bryn Mawr Center for Psychological and Educational Services provides assessment and therapy with clinical developmental psychologists and educational specialists from the former Child Study Institute of Bryn Mawr College. The team of licensed and school-certified psychologists now offer services in the historic Chetwynd Carriage House on the Philadelphia Main Line.

Practitioners at the Bryn Mawr Center offer a variety of services, including therapy, psychoeducational assessment and testing, IEP consultations, executive function coaching, social skills groups, and parent and school consultations.

Whether you are seeking an independent psychoeducational evaluation, assistance with school admissions testing, or therapy for psychological issues ranging from anxiety and depression to developmental disabilities, the Bryn Mawr Center offers consultation and collaboration by private practitioners with expertise in numerous areas.

The Executive Function Support program offers individually-designed, family-based coaching for middle school, high school, and college students needing support in the areas of time management, planning and organization, and self-advocacy in the school context.

The Bryn Mawr Center also offers Social Skills Groups for kids ages 8-14, designed for children with age-appropriate cognitive functioning who are experiencing difficulty in peer relationships. Topics covered in these 8-week sessions include learning to listen, recognizing body language, improving conversational skills, recognizing and expressing feelings appropriately, demonstrating self-regulation, utilizing relaxation techniques, and solving social conflicts.

At the Bryn Mawr Center, Michele Robins, Ph.D., ACT, PPLC is one of the private practitioners providing comprehensive neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessments as well as counseling for individuals seeking further understanding and intervention for developmental disorders, learning and memory disorders, and mood problems throughout the lifespan from preschoolers to adults.

With expertise in the area of assessment of children, adolescents, and adults with complex learning and emotional problems, Dr. Robins routinely collaborates with families, educators, medical and mental health professionals, and attorneys regarding educational and counseling interventions.

Dr. Robins believes that the most effective interventions come from an understanding that needs change over the course of the lifespan. With more than thirty years of experience, she integrates cognitive behavior therapy, family therapy, and school consultation to create individualized treatment for individuals with learning, developmental differences, and mood disorders.

Contact Dr. Robins at to arrange an appointment for a psychological or neuropsychological assessment or by phone (484-775-0348) For all other inquiries, contact or 484-380-1490.