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Welcome to the PhillyTweens Holiday Giveaway! We aren’t giving away everything in this gift guide – just the marked items. See the bottom of the post for how to enter and what you can win!

When I asked around about tween interests the #1 response I got was “slime.” Made from kitchen ingredients, slime doesn’t seem like the ideal gift – though it could make for a pretty funny stocking stuffer. So, apart from slime, here are some gifts you tweens might actually smile about this holiday season.

Toys and Games

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GIVEAWAY! Finally a solution for parents who want to stay connected to their kids but are totally over the screen time battle. Relay is a screen-free smartphone alternative that kids love and parents can trust. It’s as easy to use as a walkie-talkie but with nationwide coverage! Relay works over 4G LTE and Wi-Fi, so it has unlimited range and works everywhere a phone does.


Apparently, these vinyl figurines by Funko are the new Bobblehead collector item. They have everything from Star Wars to Prince, but personally, I’d choose the Funko POP TV: Golden Girls Dorothy Action Figure

Want to take your STEM-focused kid to the next creative level? I can’t think of a better activity for kids to get caught up in than creative coding – you could have the next great inventor on your hands! The Ultimate Coding Kit for Kids comes with more than 60 code projects.

Having trouble getting a response to “How was your day?” Local entrepreneur Mama May I Toys created Table Talk – Connection: One Question At a Time to inspire creative conversation at the dinner table, on road trips, and anywhere else kids are forced to actually interact with their parents.

GIVEAWAY!  Does your teen have the next big business idea? Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox walks parents and teens through eight easy, practical steps for starting their own business. The toolbox includes; a Teen Portfolio that walks them through each step, a Parent Guide, a free Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox App, a 20 minute DVD featuring Anthony ONeal, and much more.


GIVEAWAY! Bundle is a personalized board game filled with a person’s own memories, traditions, and inside jokes. Customers fill out a short questionnaire and a custom game is created built on each family’s memories!

GIVEAWAY! Not Parent Approved is a hilarious new card game specially designed for tweens with an affinity for “inappropriate” humor – think of it as a kid-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity. Designed to get kids off screens and into a bit of harmless trouble. 


The universal screentime obsession among tweens seems to be Roblox – which is basically a portal for hundreds of different games where they can interact with friends (and strangers – keep an eye on this). For kids who want to take their Roblox experience to the next level, there’s The Ultimate Roblox Book: An Unofficial Guide: Learn How to Build Your Own Worlds, Customize Your Games, and So Much More! (Unofficial Roblox) 

I’m told “Yu-Gi-Oh” is the new Pokemon – a TV show and trading card game. Here is a handbook that would make a great stocking stuffer – and maybe even work as an explainer for confused parents.

Nocturnals 6 Hardcovers.png

GIVEAWAY! The Nocturnals is a critically acclaimed middle-grade series for readers who love animals, adventure, and a hint of mystery.  The books, written by NYC film director and author Tracey Hecht, combine these elements with real-life scenarios that are relatable to elementary and middle school children, particularly regarding the topics of bullying, confidence, friendship, and self-acceptance. The series even helps sneak science in via a free reading kit that includes Makerspace and STEM-connected fun activities on  

Beauty and Bling

For tween girls getting into makeup, try to avoid the super cheap stuff, which has been found to have everything from allergens to asbestos.

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Beautycounter makes safer personal care products and cosmetics for all ages, and the new CounterControl line focuses on the needs of tweens with oily pimple-prone skin. The holiday gift line also features the Clean Beauty Go-Tos specially designed for teens and tweens, and the affordable stocking stuffer “Transforming Duo”, a sheer pink lip color matched with a  Crystal Gloss for high-impact shine. (Disclosure: this is my personal shopping link)


Tweens also love bath bombs, which work double duty for parents as an incentive for them to actually keep clean! But the artificial fragrance in most bath bombs isn’t great for your health, so check Etsy for natural bath bombs made with natural fragrances. There’s even a book on how to make your own – more useful than making slime!


Speaking of fragrance, if your tween wants to wear something with a sweet smell that’s not too overpowering, Goddess Garden Essential Oil Roll-On Perfumes offer light, natural scents made with essential oils.


GIVEAWAY! Luca + Danni collections are all made in the USA from semi-precious beads, stones, and charms set in handmade brass and artisan metals. The Luca + Danni “Believe and Take Flight” Stacked Bracelets share a reminder to love yourself, believe in yourself, and let your dreams take flight.


GIVEAWAY! Keeping it Positive Pillowcases are 100% cotton pillowcases with 16 positive affirmations printed in non-toxic water-based ink. Perfect for positive thoughts for a good night’s sleep.

Enter To Win The Giveaway Prizes Here!

The First Prize Winner will receive the “Starter Pack” with two Relays and two months of free service. (Value $180), The Bundle Game ($60), a Keep it Positive Pillowcase (Value $17.95), and the Nocturnals Summer Reading Kit (Value $90).

The Second Prize Winner will receive the Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox (Value $50), Luca & Dani Believe and Take Flight Bracelet Set (Value $95), and Not Parent Approved ($24.99).

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Welcome to the PhillyTweens Holiday Giveaway! We aren’t giving away everything in this gift guide – just the marked items. See the bottom of the post for how to enter […]

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