Teaching Tweens to Change the World: The Business of Doing Good Social Entrepreneur Camp

*This is a sponsored post created in partnership with The Business of Doing Good*

Sports, drama, and art camps are standard fare for middle schoolers looking for summer fun. But what if you have a creative, entrepreneurial tween or teen looking to take their budding ideas to the next level?

If your child dreams of one day starting their own business or giving back to their community, they might be a great fit for social entrepreneurship camp with The Business of Doing Good.

The Business of Doing Good holds summer programs to teach middle school kids about social entrepreneurship. The camp is designed to help your child find their passion and to instill the determination and skills to achieve their goals. They provide the exposure and tools, which each student chooses their own topic to focus on. You can get an idea of what a program looks like with the online program overview. 

The Business of Doing Good provides a dynamic and engaging curriculum that will leave kids inspired to change the world. They also teach kids how to create, present, and launch their unique social entrepreneurial endeavor. Topics include ideation, communication, marketing, and presentation skills. Kids even get the chance to meet and engage with local entrepreneurs, who will share their stories. By the end of the week program,  your child will have their own entrepreneur network and personal field guide to set them on your path to becoming a social entrepreneur.

The program is held at existing youth programs in Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City. Registration for the two Philadelphia programs can be found on online and scholarships are available. Be sure to check out early bird pricing ending January 1, 2019.