Our Pick to Stop Smelly Tweens Naturally

*This is a sponsored post created in partnership with PiperWai Natural Deodorant*

Puberty gives you enough to worry about. Body odor shouldn’t be one of those things.

We surveyed parents on our Facebook page to find out what age their kids starting wearing deodorant. Answers ranged from 9-13, as puberty strikes kids at different times – and some kids simply have a tendency to sweat more or develop more underarm hair, which may increase odor.

Finding the right solution for your child will take trial and error– what’s right for one kid may not work for the next.

Personally, my family’s favorite is PiperWai, a locally made brand of natural deodorant that really works.

Antiperspirants and deodorants are not the same things– deodorants block or mask the odor, while antiperspirants prevent sweating. Personally, I believe our bodies are made to sweat – in fact, when I used antiperspirant I used to get painful underarm cysts, and I know a few other folks who have had that same experience.

PiperWai is not an antiperspirant, but the activated charcoal and magnesium formula makes it naturally absorbent, cutting down on sweat while neutralizing body odor.

PiperWai creates a pH-balanced environment where odor-causing bacteria can’t thrive. And the sensitive-skin formulation was designed to be an alternative to irritating natural deodorant formulas with heavy baking soda content.

Heavy scents can sometimes be as bad as B.O. PiperWai’s scent is light, fresh and dissipates throughout the day so you just smell like yourself. Can’t put your finger on the scent? I like to compare it to what you smell when you walk into a spa – a little minty, a little citrusy.

One benefit of the jar is you can put it on other areas of the body where you sweat. Handle those clammy hands and stinky feet with a couple pea-sized deodorant doses. But, since everyone has a personal product preference, the brand has also added a stick. Some swear by the jar, while others are loyal to the stick. Same product, just different delivery methods. I like both!

The Philly Tweens community has offered other suggestions for natural deodorants and remedies that seem to work well for their families. What is your go-to stink-killer?