How to Save on School Uniforms

Let’s face it: school uniforms are a pain.

Sure, they are designed to level the fashion playing field – and maybe I will appreciate that more when my daughter gets older. But, for now, it just feels like a referendum on buying stark white shirts that are bound to end up destroyed before breakfast is over. Yes, I said white shirts, because my particularly school uniform requirement is evil like that.

But whatever you need to get your kid to look passable for school, here are some ideas to make spending on items that will likely end up in shreds a bit less painful.

Try to Buy Nothing – or at least nothing new:

If you live in the Philadelphia region – or really almost anywhere at this point – you likely have a neighborhood Buy Nothing Group. If not, here’s how to start one – and some background on how I got this rolling in the area! 🙂

Hit them up for the best hand-me-downs and you will be surprised what great stuff you can find!

Many schools offer “uniform clothing swaps” scheduled around back-to-school nights. If they don’t, offer to start one – it’s super easy!

You can also check your community’s consignment sales, garage sales, and yard sales for uniform-appropriate steals.

What can you get away with? 

How strict is your school about some clothes that meet the color standards but have a ruffle or a slight pattern? You didn’t hear it from me, but if you are already the owner of some school color stripped leggings or tops with a bit of flare, maybe your kid can pull it off?

If you have to shop, buy at least one size up.

Remember that Saturday Night Live skit from the ’90s with the Gap Girls where they just told everyone to cinch it? Well, buy a size up and cinch it. Utilize those buttons on the top inside of boy’s pants that make them smaller. Roll those cuffs. Do the most with the least.

Buy in Bulk

So you have to spend? Here’s some of my (affiliate link) approved buys that will Prime to you in an overnight pinch.

Amazon Essentials Girls’ 5-Pack Short-Sleeve Interlock Polo works out to $6/top.

Amazon Essentials Girls’ Uniform Jumper – jumpers are the jam because they cover the stains on the shirts

Amazon Essentials Girls’ Uniform Skort

Amazon Essentials Boys’ Straight Leg Flat Front Uniform Chino Pant

How do you simplify uniform shopping/unshopping?