Best Clean “Beauty Products” for Tweens and Teens

Written by paigewolf

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by Paige Wolf

First, please notice that I have put “beauty products” in quotes because it’s important for our girls to know that they don’t need to wear makeup or have perfect skin to be beautiful!

However, at this age, many young girls start to take more notice in their appearance. Cosmetics can be fun and expressive and boost self-confidence, and good skin care can be a matter of simply good hygiene.

The problem is that so many of the beauty products marketed to young girls are not properly regulated and often contain harmful ingredients. Last year, popular tween shop Claire’s pulled makeup off their shelves after it was discovered it contained asbestos.

Other popular tween hangouts like Justice have been called into question for similar issues.

And these are just the ones that are illegal! Right now, it is perfectly legal in the U.S. to include ingredients that have never been tested for safety.

A recent study showed the levels of potentially hormone-disrupting chemicals in the bodies of teenage girls plunged just three days after they stopped using certain cosmetic products, shampoos, and soaps that contained the problematic substances

Add to that the meaningless of the word “natural” on products, and it can feel extremely daunting to delve into which products are really better.

The good news is that there are MANY product lines on the market now offering cleaner, better, safer skincare and cosmetics. Here are a few options for better choices:

Disclaimer: I am a Beautycounter consultant. After more than a decade working in the safer cosmetics industry, I was turned on to direct sales by a brand I really believe is doing significant work in this space – both through product sales and pushing for better chemical legislation. If you shop through my Beautycounter links, I make commission:

My picks for tweens are:

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Countercontrol Skincare Regimen
A simple regimen for oily and blemish-prone skin that mattifies and clears without dryness and irritation

Screenshot 2019-01-15 12.03.58

Touchup Skin Concealer Pen
Pimples, redness, and other imperfections are no match for this buildable, medium-coverage concealer with easy application.

Screenshot 2019-01-15 12.03.50

Super fun 10-piece collection perfect for the tween who loves to play with a bit of color.

Screenshot 2019-01-15 12.06.52

Yes, you can have safer blue glittery eye shadow!


Piggy Paint nail polish
Odorless, water-based safer polish and remover in a wide variety of fun colors


Klee Naturals
Safer makeup sets with no parabens, petrochemicals, or artificial dyes. All the sparkly fun without the junk


Good For You Girls
Body wash, deodorant, and skin care made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and dyes.

What other CLEAN products would you add to this list?

Paige Wolf is the founder of and the author of Spit That Out! The Overly Informed Parent’s Guide to Raising Healthy Kids in the Age of Environmental Guilt book and blog, where this post first appeared. She is also the owner of Paige Wolf Media and Public Relations, a B Corporation PR firm focused on sustainable clientele. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, two children, and American Hairless Terrier. 

by Paige Wolf First, please notice that I have put “beauty products” in quotes because it’s important for our girls to know that they don’t need to wear makeup or […]

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