Six Home Hacks for Busy Parents

As everyone has become ultra-obsessed with Konmari-style organizing, we asked our community about some of the best home hacks for busy parents.

Here are a few of my own personal favorites:

1) My home has no entryway/vestibule/what have you. You just walk into the pile of coats, shoes, and dirt that is my kitchen/living room. I have no energy or interest in vacuuming so I rely on this thing to do a pretty good job and also entertain my dog: iRobot Roomba

2) This cord concealer system has made me feel infinitely more together.

3) We use clear storage bins for everything from toys to pantry items. This way we can actually see what we have – at least sometimes.

4) All those little plastic trinkets and toys we get from doctor’s offices and goody bags? I save them up in a bag and then use them to make DIY pinatas for birthday parties.

5) Stock up on these “generic magic erasers” which get crayon, marker, and other indiscernible marks off most furniture and walls.

6) Try this handy chart for making a few extra bucks and doing some good with your clutter

What are your parenting home hacks?