Is Your Kid Cracking You Up? Reader Discount for Philly Improv Theater’s Kids’ Programs

Is your child the class clown or family comedian, always looking for a laugh? Improv classes can offer the perfect playground for their comedic skillset, teaching confidence, creativity, and teamwork on the stage, in the classroom, and beyond. It also encourages healthy risk-taking and self-expression.

Philly Improv Theater’s Kids & Teenscomedy and stand-up classes build confidence, teach collaboration, encourage healthy risk taking, and grow creativity for students from kindergarten through high school. 

The curriculum is designed to delight and challenge each student at a developmentally appropriate level, allowing them to feel comfortable and accomplished as they learn the art of improvisation. 

Middle school students enjoy teen comedy classes covering short-form improv games. In addition, middle school students with prior experience in our improv classes can take our stand-up comedy elective class.

The largest improv center in the city, Philly Improv Theater has been the heart of Philadelphia’s rapidly expanding and nationally recognized comedy scene since 2005. PHIT Comedy produces more than 1,000 performances annually, with shows on multiple stages, seven nights a week, every week of the year. 

Beyond Philadelphia, PHIT Comedy’s performers tour regularly making appearances at the most prestigious comedy venues across the country. Dedicated to developing talent locally, the PHIT Comedy Training Center teaches children and adults how to improvise, write sketch comedy, and perform stand-up each year. Alumni and performers seen on PHIT’s stages have worked on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, 30 Rock, The Late Show, Key & Peele, The State, and The Kids in the Hall.

PHIT Comedy is a resident at The Adrienne Theater, just off of Rittenhouse Square. 

Your child can make friends with the funniest kids in Philly – and prove they are among the funniest as well!

Enroll online and use code PAIGE for $25 off any class!