A Good-For-You App for Tween Girls

What if there was an online experience for your tween daughter that was educational and inspiring — not online junk-food for her brain like makeup videos, ​or celebrities on YouTube?

The EmpoweredGirlApp.com was founded by Maria Fuller a mom to two girls, who has a background in Health Science and Women’s studies. She has spent more than a decade helping women and girls shed unhealthy beliefs and breakdown stereotypes surrounding pregnancy, motherhood, body image, self-esteem, parenting, women in leadership and much more.

Studies show that social media and online experiences have a HUGE impact on how girls view their peers and themselves. In fact, it puts immense pressure on girls to look and act a certain way.

The Empowered Girl App for Clever, Creative and Inquisitive girls focuses on the six tenets of mindfulness, gratitude, purpose, mindset, relationships, and humanitarianism to empower girls and change the world.

The app is perfect for girls ages 8-14 years of age and can be accessed on a computer, iPad, tablet or mobile device. It also makes a great gift and there are gift options available. For more information and to join today please visit www.EmpoweredGirlApp.com