YEET! Decoding Tween Slang

Seriously, WHAT are they talking about? Texting about? Posting about?

We chatted with some local tweens to get the download on the latest tween and teen slang you should know.

“Ship” = Short for relationship, this is used to pair people together, usually aspirationally. Example: “OMG, I would totally ship Molly and Joey together.”

noob” – originated from the popular Roblox game, a “noob” is short for “newbie” or someone new to the game. It can also be used to describe anyone with lack of experience or not great at a game or sport.

Yeet“: A way to express excitement over something. As an example, my 10-year-old tells me, if he is dodging a dodgeball, he might yell “Yeet!” Also see: “Oof,” which is more of a fail cry.

Gucci:” We’re pretty surprised this is a thing in 2019, considering the popularity of these kinds of luxury brands has declined, but apparently it’s common for kids to say “That’s Gucci” when something is good or cool.

“Lit:” Awesome

Common abbreviations used via text and IRL (in real life):

TBH = To Be honest

GTG = Gotta Go

BRB = Be right back

IDK = I Don’t Know

IDC = I Don’t Care

NGL = Not Gonna Lie

OK, so what are we missing?