Advice for New Babysitters, From a Babysitter

by Isabella Bucci

With busy parents and activity-driven kids, parents often need a night out or a little extra help around the house. Of course, they want to make sure their kids are in the best care possible with a new babysitter. If a tween wants to start making some extra cash at a young age here are some ways they can be a great babysitter:

  1. Enjoy spending time with little ones: it may sound like a no-brainer; however, make sure you as the babysitter show interest in what you’re doing with the kids. Sometimes, what they want to do or what they want to watch on TV may not be your choice; however, your job is to entertain the kids.
  2. Be patient: Kids may have some quirks that may cause them to act differently and it may not be something a babysitter is used to. Therefore, the babysitter has to be tolerant with the kids and figure out the best approach to deal with certain situations. 
  3. Be a good role model: Whether the babysitting job is weekends or consistent after-school care, always be a babysitter the kids can look up to. You never know how much your confidence and leadership skills can have an impact on the kids you’re watching.   
  4. Get your certifications: Parents will feel more comfortable leaving their children with someone who has proper certifications such as: First Aid, CPR, Lifeguard, etc. The American Red Cross has also implemented a “Babysitting Basics” certificate which provides information on basic care to infants and children, choosing appropriate activities based on the child’s age, and overall gives the sitter a confidence boost for the new job!
  5. Have fun: Play some games, create some sort of arts and craft, pop a bag of popcorn and watch a movie. The possibilities are endless with how to keep kids entertained these days. Also, don’t forget to have a little fun for yourself while babysitting. There is usually a stash of candy or junk food, either hidden or in plain sight. I am sure the parents won’t mind if you dip your hand in there too.

Babysitting can be quite a challenge in the beginning for both the kids and the sitter. The kids may not be used to having someone who is not their parents telling them what to do but if the sitter comes in confident and open-minded, it will definitely be easier on both parties. If the kids and the sitter develop a good relationship, then it will also encourage parents to take advantage of more date nights. Also, if they have good snacks, it will keep the babysitter coming back too!