OMG LICE! Why a Comb May be Your Most Important Back to School Product

*This is a sponsored post created in partnership with Center for Lice Control*

Did you know one of the most important back to school supplies you can purchase is a good comb?

That’s right – lice do not discriminate! And there is no shame in the lice game – and if you get invaded, we have tips from Ilene “The Lice Queen” Steinberg, founder of Center For Lice Control (CLC).

Ilene has successfully checked and treated more than 30,000 head lice cases, educating them for the future and easing their fears of going right back to daycare, school, or camp.

She invented the KaPOW! Lice Attack Solution products, using her years of experience and treatment success to create the best and safest solution for treating lice outbreaks – a professional lice treatment kit in a box. This kit is designed to create peace of mind, to open up communication, and to help families and communities safely and successfully squash lice outbreaks.

Ilene says you get head lice from doing all the right things; hugging, snuggling, reading together!  Lice likes hair period – clean or dirty. Most importantly, lice does not discriminate among socio-economic class, home-cleanliness, ethnicity, although treating lice the proper way can be a financial strain.  If you have hair, you can get lice. Also contrary to popular belief , your home cannot “have lice.” The tiny creatures do not and will not live “in your home” on couches, in rugs, etc. It only inhabits hair. And no, they don’t jump!

Ilene advises that the best way to “ward off” head lice is by finding it when it first begins its infestation.  You can’t ward off lice.

“Don’t believe the sprays, preventative shampoos or any other prophylactic lice measures,” she says. “What you can do is invest in a nit comb or two when doing your back to school shopping and be sure to comb through your tween’s hair before the start of school.” 

Less structured summertime activities like pool visits and camp can be a time for the hanging out, sleepovers, sharing of hats, scrunchies or similar, which is a recipe for lice infestation.

“Lice are very sneaky and you often don’t even remember making the contact that caused the spread, so catching it early is key.”

Ilene says it’s more important to check and treat anyone that has lice than to clean your house. Lice only live on a human host and are not living or laying their nits (lice eggs) in your house or on your stuff. Much less to clean up!

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