Wheel Life Skills: Skate the Foundry Teaches Life Lessons Through Skateboarding

Skate The Foundry is an indoor skateboard park located in West Philadelphia – but is also a mobile skateboarding experience that can pop up anywhere!

The skate park, located next to Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park at 894 N 40th St., offers a wide range of obstacles for skaters of all ages. They offer monthly memberships to children, adults, and families, private / group lessons, adult beginner skateboard classes, youth workshops, day/weekly camps, and birthday parties.

They also attend schools, recreational centers, and community festivals with their pop-up skatepark and instructors. The after school program brings the skatepark to your school! They provide portable skate ramps, skateboards, padding, and skate instructors. 

Skate the Foundry’s programs use skateboarding as a tool that allows students to build confidence and creativity. Since skateboarding does not have specific rules like other sports, such as baseball and football, students are emerged to create their own styles, tricks, and also customize skateboards that expresses their identities.

Skateboarding is both an individual and group activity and students learn how to respect, support, and encourage others as well as they expand their skills. Skateboarding also requires a lot of focus, patience, and persistence. They teach that failure, such as falling, is OK. Through this process, one learns how to overcome the barriers which they will encounter throughout their lives.

Skateboarding teaches students how to not be afraid of making mistakes. Their peers and friends will cheer and bang their boards (which is applause in the skateboard community) because they appreciate one’s strive and courage. You’ll hear “I will back you up!” from youth skaters cheering each other on!

Check out this summer camp video to see just some of what Skate the Foundry has to offer:

This is a sponsored post created in partnership with Skate the Foundry.