Seven Young Social Media Influencers We Love

If your tweens are using their phones to follow social media superstars, it’s a good idea to offer inspirational accounts to follow who aren’t all about video games and makeup trends. Here are a few super-positive teenagers using social media for good who are totally worth a follow!

  1. Passionate about spreading mental health awareness, @kay_ska documents her healing journey from anorexia and aims to empower others to share their own mental health stories.
  2. @ZiadtheActivist is the founder of Redefy, a multi-platform organization dedicated to fighting bias and stereotypes.
  3. @CoreyMaison is a trans teen model and activist who uses her Instagram to “try and make the world a little better.” She came out at the age of 11, and began a social transition to female.
  4. Jules Spector blogs about feminist issues at, and has caught the attention of fellow teens and adults alike, thanks to her passion when it comes to issues that matter to girls today. 
  5. Jazz Jennings is a transgender teen who has been publicly outspoken about her experience, starring in reality TV and even co-writing a children’s book. Her confidence and passion are inspiring, especially at such a young age.
  6. Greta Thunberg has become a household name as a trailblazing 16-year-old climate and environmental activist. She is also open about living with Asperger syndrome.
  7. If you have a tween girl, she is probably already digging on 17-year-old musician Billie Eilish. She is known for music that tackles tough topics like depression and teen suicide while being unabashedly herself and eschewing conventional beauty trends.

Who else do you know using social media to inspire tweens to be strong, powerful, and confident?