Top 2019 Tween Halloween Trends and DIY Costume Ideas

By Paige Wolf

I’m a big fan of NOT BUYING HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. Oh, I’m sorry was that yelling?

I just can’t see purchasing cheaply made (but expensive pricetag) one-wear only costumes when cool creative costumes can be assembled so many other ways. And you don’t have to be a Pinterest-level craft expert – I certainly am not!

Over the years I have hooked my kids up with the costumes of their choices under the condition that it can be borrowed, made, or cobbled together with random scraps. I have made a pickle costume from a blanket and a bouncy ball, Circe the Sea Witch, the cast of Teen Titans Go, and two cast members from Jake and the Neverland Pirates without spending more than a few dollars. All it takes is some very amateur stitching and a lot of hot glue.

One of the best resources for free secondhand costumes is your local Buy Nothing Group, a free resource for gifting all kinds of items that you can join through Facebook. There is one for just about every neighborhood in the Philadelphia area and used Halloween costumes are always a hot gifting opportunity!

South Jersey has an upcoming costume and toy swap on October 19 in Delran, and others are sure to be popping up throughout the area. Or why not host your own?

You can also check out some of our favorite local resale stores along with Philly Aids Thrift which is a fantastic spot for hidden costume treaures.

Here are some ideas for DIY Costume Ideas!

The Spotted Lanternfly grew infamous recently for its invasion in the Philadelphia area, promoting people to actually call the police. On a bug. But, for real, these insects are menaces that destroy agriculture and the PA Department of Agriculture has actually directed people to squash them! Naturally, your kids will want to be Spotted Lanternflies for Halloween and start a serious game of Squish the Lemon.

Here is the Spotted Lanternfly costume I made myself out of batwings and last year’s Handmaid’s Tale cloak.

Roblox + Minecraft characters and Youtube stars
The Roblox “Newb” is easy to create with the right color clothes. And we will be creating the head from a small cardboard box. My daughter wants to be “Funneh,” an insufferable Roblox/YouTube star who should be identifiable enough with a long blue wig.

Basically a hydroflask and a scrunchie? IDK LOL

All the Movie + TV Characters
You can search Pinterest for DIY ideas for all the hot costume trends like Captain Marvel, Cat Noir, The Descendents, Avengers, and plenty of unicorns!

How are you getting WEIRD for Halloween this year?