Questions About Raising Tweens? Introducing Ask Dr. McSorley

We are excited to announce a new column by renowned Philadelphia-based pediatrician Bidi McSorley, MD. Her expertise in the developmental, physical and psychological challenges of children has made her one of the area’s leading physicians, and a pioneer in introducing mindfulness and behavioral health medicine into children’s healthcare. And now you can ask her whatever is on your mind – anonymously of course.

If you have a question for Dr. McSorley, please email to If we answer the question on our site, we will keep your information anonymous.

Dr. McSorley offers families and children a holistic approach to pediatric behavioral medicine, where child development and medicine intersect. Using the powerful and therapeutic techniques of Mindfulness, Dr. McSorley teaches children, teens and adults skills to transform their lives, living with less stress, less anxiety and increased vitality and health. Her group sessions “Stressed out Kids – Mindfulness for Teens and Tweens” are four-week programs in partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia providing an age-appropriate introduction to mindfulness. Learn more at

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