How to Choose Human and Environmentally-Friendly Period Solutions

by Sydney Cook, MadeSafe

Every woman I’ve ever met remembers her first period, and usually has a story to boot. For me, I’ll never forget seeking the counsel of the school nurse on that day way-back-when. She handed over a pad essentially the size of a diaper. Oh, how times have changed! These days, pads have gotten thinner, tampons are now much more common, and new solutions like menstrual cups and period panties are taking the femcare market by storm. It’s a good time to be alive with a period!


All that said, with new options comes confusion: How do you choose a menstrual cup? Does the color matter? Are all period panties the same? Is there going to be a mess in the laundry? Can that thin little pad really do the trick? How about digital vs. applicator tampons? How are we to know when there are literally hundreds of choices… You might be thinking, where do I even begin?

The answer? Here! We’ll take you through the most popular types of period products, providing pros and cons, the environmental and human health concerns, and some tips for choosing the safest possible version of that product. Want the sweet and condensed version? Skip to our cheat sheet, MADE SAFE’s Guide to a Nontoxic Period: Tips for a Healthier Period and Planet.

For more information, check out their ultimate guide to period products.