Family Profile: The Boltons

Who are you?

My name is De Bolton and I live with my husband and three daughters in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. My husband is a Basketball Coach for Bishop Eustace Preparatory School and the Philadelphia Belles. He also is a Mobile Basketball Trainer and Official. We also have a new puppy Nugget who has become a little prince. He is a spunky and intelligent Yorkie/Bichon and we adore him.

Tell us what makes you extra awesome!

I am the creator of Bible and Bootcamps, a six-week Transformation Program. It’s faith-based basic training for living a healthy lifestyle. I inspire women to honor their temples by eating food that nourishes their bodies and to move through my FaithFueled Life Mobile Fitness App. Recently, we’ve launched Bible & Bootcamps in local churches and fitness center. 

What are the names and ages of your children?

Kyhia, 15; Lailah, 11; and Milah, 5

What are your kids doing that is super cool?

My girls are very active with so many interest and talents. Kyhia is my oldest and she is fifteen and a Sophomore in High School. She began acting in second grade and has been singing in Select Chorus since sixth grade. Last year she discovered softball which she is showing lots of interest even in the off season. Kyhia is my mayor in the house – she is really into civics and government.

Lailah is eleven. She is in Art Club, Select Chorus, plays soccer, basketball and will be trying softball this year. She is my creator and is always making amazing sketches, singing, and likes to explore. 

Milah is five and eagerly started Kindergarten this year. She is a dancer and gymnast. She loves both and will practice at any given moment no matter the location. She is my fashionista either making clothes for her Barbies or creating outfits. Lots of expression through wardrobe changes!

Why do you call the Philadelphia area home and what makes it a special place to raise tweens?

It’s 10 minutes away and where we spend a lot of time exploring and finding activities that keeps us moving, healthy food options and I frequent the Italian Market often.

How can we learn more about your project?

You can learn more online at