Our New Favorite Odor-Fighter – type:A Deodorant

We admit we are a little bit type:A mom over here. And we’ve discovered a new deodorant we are obsessed with. For ourselves, yes, but also as a solution for stinky tweens!

type:A deodorant is powered by natural ingredients and sweat-activated technology for long-lasting odor and wetness protection. It comes in a tube, swipes on like a stick, and won’t irritate your skin or stain your clothes. Doesn’t sound like too much to ask but it’s actually really hard to find.

Why is all this stuff important?

One of the big things we look for especially when recommending a deodorant to kids is “aluminum free.” Some studies suggest that exposure to aluminum in antiperspirants could lead to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease or cancer.

Also – sweating is good for you. It’s how your body expels excess hormones and other toxins. And when you use an antiperspirant, it forces your body to reabsorb what should be emitted as waste. It’s been suggested that using antiperspirant disrupts that natural endocrine function, elevating estrogen levels that can contribute to breast cancer in some people. (Personally, when I used to use traditional antiperspirants with aluminum, I used to get big painful cysts under my arms).

What makes this stuff work so well?

type:A is a glycerin-based formula. When glycerin comes into contact with moisture (i.e. your sweat) it sucks it up like a sponge. Plus, glycerin helps your skin stay soft and smooth. Suspended in type:A’s glycerin is a complex of ingredients that prevent odor and protect against wetness including zinc, baking soda, silver, arrowroot powder and more. These active ingredients are released little by little, each time you sweat, mimicking a time-release effect. The formula acts like an invisible shield on your skin, waiting patiently to defeat odor and sweat as it happens!

Here’s the story of how type:A became a reality

type:A deodorant comes in six natural fragrance choices including The Minimalist (fragrance-free), Modern Spice, Evergreen Forest, White Floral Linen, Ocean Mist, and Clean Crisp Citron.

The Ocean Mint is our personal favorite.

A tube costs $10 and should last around two months with regular wear. You can purchase type:A Deodorant directly through their Web site or on Amazon.

This is a sponsored post created in partnership with type:A Deodorant.