Family Profile: The Sobels

Who are you?

My name is Silvia Sobel and I live in Washington Square West with my husband Mark, son Paul (12, Masterman) , and Isabella (9, McCall).

Tell us what makes you extra awesome!

We ran Eurokids Learning Center for several years and now we have launched a new business, Green Academy. Children are facing so much stress at school nowadays. Learning has become a race of earning better grades, scoring the tests, and the ability to stay on top of the game. It is too mechanical, we forget about feelings, personalities and emotions. That’s what gave us an idea of Green Academy. At Green Academy, we encourage children to learn through imaginative play, socializing with friends, and sharing ideas. Our music and theater enrichment afterschool program offers classes in dance, singing, and acting. We also offer Creative Writing and the Amazing World of Math small group classes to help boost interest towards those subjects.

What are your kids doing that is super cool?

Paul wants to become an engineer and build flying cars to travel to different planets. Isabella is very much into gymnastics and politics.

Why do you call the Philadelphia area home and what makes it a special place to raise tweens?

We love living in Philadelphia! The people, the friendliness, the community, the culture are super important to our family.