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ROBLOX 101: A Guide By Kids for Parents

Written by paigewolf

You can even make your Avatar a cheeseburger.

By our resident fourth graders: Sam and Zara

What is Roblox

Roblox is a game where you can design your avatar, play games, or create games. Some games are awesome, and some games are not that good. You can join a server and play as your character that you have dressed up. 

What is Robux

Robux is basically bitcoin in Roblox. You can buy items for your character or buy gamepasses. Gamepasses can do alot of things like give your character special items to help it in the game. You can also use them to make VIP servers.

Top 9 Roblox Games                     

Here are our picks for the top 9 games. Half of the reason we would choose a game to be here is because a lot of people play it, and the other half is our opinion.

Lifting Simulator

In lifting sim, you buy weights and lift them to get muscle. They just got an update that is spooktacular! If you get top 1000, top 100, or top 1, you get a cool skin. Of course, it is halloween themed.

Royale High

Royale High is a game where you can dress up your avatar. You also have diamonds, which are the in-game cash. You use diamonds for buying your avatar stuff, or throwing in the fountain, which can give your avatar a halo. You go into homestores (places where you can buy clothes for your normal out of game character) and try to find all of the candy. Once you find the all of the candy, you get a prize for your character.

Adopt Me

Adopt Me is kind of like Royale High. In Adopt Me, you can choose to be a parent or kid. You also can buy a pet with in-game money or Robux. You have a house that you can upgrade for bucks or robux. You go around the city doing things for your pet or child and get bucks for it. You can also buy things with bucks like a gift that you open and see what your prize is. You can also trade things with other players.


Just in case you never watched the TV show, it’s basically where 20 people go on an island and need to vote each other out. The game is pretty much the same and includes challenges.


In Bloxburg, you get money by working and build your own house. There are many other things in the game that make it more fun like choosing your own job and inviting people to your house. Note: Bloxburg costs 25 Robux to play (which equals less than one dollar).


There is a whole series based on this game. You think you’re going on a normal camping trip but a lot of bad stuff happens. The game became so popular that it started a new genre on roblox called story games.

Mad City

In Mad City you can choose to be a prisoner, police officer, or hero. If you are a prisoner, you have to escape the prison and rob banks and if you are a cop you have to stop the criminals. If you are a hero, you also have to stop the prisoners you have super powers as well. There are a lot of other things added in the game to make it more fun like hidden keys to open safes or just a cool “Easter egg.”

Natural Disaster Survival

In this game you are put in a random map and have to survive natural disasters such as volcanoes, tsunamis, flash floods, earthquakes and much more.

Murder Mystery 2*

In this game, you and 10 other people are in a “murder mystery.” You are put in a setting like a workplace or a bank and one person is randomly chosen to be the murderer and they have to kill everyone to win. There is also a sheriff who is supposed to kill the murderer to win.

*Parent note: this game includes simulated violence. We are sorry this is what the kids voted #1. Eye roll emoji.

Beware Roblox Scammers                

There are many types of Roblox scams. But the most common kind is that scammers create a game like a little obstacle course (obby is what people in Roblox call obstacle courses). Once you finish, they put up a screen and it says to write down your username and password. Then they steal your account and your Robux and you can’t get back on. Avoid scams by never telling anyone your password. If you do, message Roblox and they may be able to get your account back.                        

We will be coming regularly with our opinions on new Roblox games, updates, and much more.

By our resident fourth graders: Sam and Zara What is Roblox Roblox is a game where you can design your avatar, play games, or create games. Some games are awesome, […]

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