Meet the All Kinds of Love Event Sponsor: 4Rubies Handmade Clothing and Accessories

Meet the All Kinds of Love Event Sponsor 4Rubies, LLC Custom Handmade Apparel and Accessories

Erika Rubin is a Philadelphia mother of two tweens who makes custom-inspired handmade apparel and accessories inspired by love, sports, kids, and Rock ‘n roll!

Her company 4Rubies is known for it’s creative takes with patchwork, paint, and bleach, embodying every theme from rock stars (Madonna, Prince, Tom Petty, and modern pop faves like Taylor Swift by request!), sports teams, and kid faves like Frozen characters and Disney stars.

“I have always had a creative side, but never made clothing and I also had never sewn a thing. I started with a sweatshirt and an old T-shirt. I cut the design out of the shirt and sewed it on the sweatshirt, then bleached it. The compliments came pouring in and that is how 4Rubies was born.”

She now makes everything from sweatshirts to handbags to sweaters to hats. Erika sews everything by hand, and recently started incorporating paints into her work.

“I derive inspiration from my family, who continue to love and support me. I look at clothing a whole different way now…like, oh I can make that. When I start working, I have a hard time stopping! My brain is constantly creating and I love it! I love working with customers to create the custom shirt, sweater, hat, etc. that they want.”

All of her work can be found on Etsy and Instagram @4Rubies. She is happy to do custom orders and can be reached through Instagram or email Plus shop at our upcoming event!