Why Is Establishing House Rules Important for Tweens? New Book Adds Fun to Chores

by Sofia Fenichell, CEO of Mrs. Wordsmith

Why is establishing house rules so important?

My new book FLUSH! And 37 Essential House Rules offers 37 essential rules to help kids learn to self-regulate and take responsibility for themselves, laying the foundation for success in school and beyond.

It’s also a contract between parents and kids that the whole family will want to sign, encouraging everyone to take responsibility. Whether it’s scooping pets’ poop, switching off lights or helping clear the table, Flush guarantees nag-free negotiation!

We encourage you to sit down with your own kids to establish rules that are most important in your home. By drawing upon neuroscience, academic research and focus groups around everyday family situations, FLUSH! brings essential house rules to life with words and illustrations that get the whole family laughing, learning, respecting each other, and respecting themselves.

House rules are more effective when family members understand why they exist. Whether it’s switching off the lights when they leave a room, learning to share, or taking responsibility for pets, the book offers practical examples of how to behave in different situations, using characters and scenes created by Mrs. Wordsmith’s state-of-the-art Hollywood game designers.

By establishing house rules you will help your kids become independent thinkers, visionaries, even renegades. The more words a child knows to identify and label their emotions, the more they can make sense of them. Research also shows that kids who are able to accurately label their feelings, have more positive social interactions and perform better in school using their full range of vocabulary.

Mrs. Wordsmith believes the home is a safe place where kids can test the boundaries and learn how to operate. The goal of reading FLUSH! together is to equip kids with the language they need to take responsibility for themselves, laying the foundation for school and beyond.

Flush! and 37 Essential House Rules is available at www.mrswordsmith.com.

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