Family Profile: The Rivas-Mintz’s

Who are you?

We are Alejandra Rivas-Mintz and Gary Mintz and we live in Queen Village with our children Isabella Mintz (9th grade at Masterman), Sabrina Mintz (7th grade at Masterman), and Gabriela Mintz (6th grade at Meredith).

Tell us what makes you extra awesome!

We wrote a children’s book Arepas for Breakfast. Arepas for Breakfast is a story about three young girls living in Philadelphia, who miss their Abuela (who lives in Venezuela) very much. The girls’ mother is from Venezuela and their father is from New York. Whenever Abuela comes to visit, she makes the girls favorite breakfast — Arepas. Unfortunately, Abuela only comes when the weather is warm. “Hace frío!” Abuela would say. Fortunately, their father has learned to make the almost perfect Arepa. The only thing missing is Abuela — or is she?

Why do you call the Philadelphia area home and what makes it a special place to raise tweens?

Alejandra is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. Gary is originally from New York and has lived in Philly since the early ’90s. Alejandra has been living in Philly since the mid ’90s.

“We Love Love Love this city. And we Love Love Love Queen Village. I sell real estate in the city and Philly is definitely a “neighborhood” city. Every neighborhood has its own flavor and fell that makes it special and great. But to us, there is not a better place to raise your kids in the city than Queen Village/Bella Vista!”