Vitable Health Offers Discounted In-House Urgent Care Including COVID-19 Testing

Philadelphia region residents (including Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties) can get screened and tested for COVID-19 in their homes by Vitable Health providers. Health insurance is not required.

Since schools, daycares, and offices are temporarily closed and it is still the flu season, parents might find themselves conflicted whether their child or spouse has the flu or if it’s something more serious. Vitable Health’s providers can come directly to them ensuring that they don’t have to drag their kids to the urgent care or the ER waiting room where they’d be in contact with other ill people.

Vitable Health has lowered its pay per visit fee from $79 to $50 and dropped its membership fees by 50% to make their service accessible to all those that might need it.

Vitable Health offers concierge Urgent Care house calls through a network of Board-Certified providers. Users can have one of their providers visit them in their home – often in one hour or less. For parents especially, this is the miracle we’ve been waiting for – no germy wait rooms, long wait times, or dragging sick kids out of the house late at night.

The Nurse Practitioners can evaluate your symptoms and come up with a treatment plan which may include writing prescriptions. You can see a list of injuries and illnesses which may or may not be treatable by this service online.

The service offers extended availability 9am – 10pm during weekdays and 10am – 7pm during weekends.

Plus, every visit scheduled on Vitable enables the company to offer free and reduced-cost healthcare to medically underserved communities. Vitable commits up to 5% of their net revenue to free and reduced-cost healthcare services. Learn more online.

This is a sponsored post created in partnership with Vitable Health.