Pandemic Junk Food Rating

by Sam Bederka, age 10

My parents normally buy me only healthy, organic food. But ever since the pandemic started they have been buying a lot of food I don’t normally eat so in this article I will rate all the junk food my parents got me.

Hot Cheetos

I have had Cheetos before at parties and stuff so I knew what they tasted like. I also like spicy food so before I ate it I knew I was gonna like it and I was right I did not really taste any of the cheese but other than that it was really good. 8/10.

Bagel Bites 

They tasted like little mini pizzas. They were not that bad just there was way too much sauce and the cheese kinda tasted weird. 6/10.

Pop Tarts 

I don’t really know if I like them or not. The middle with all the sprinkles and filling was good but around the edges tasted weird kinda like a salty cracker. 5/10.

Banquet Chicken Nuggets

We usually have homemade or the frozen organic brand but this was all my parents could find. The breading tasted burnt and the chicken tasted gross and soggy. I had a hard job trying to eat them without throwing up. 1/10.

Frosted Flakes

I really liked them but I did not get to try most of the Frosted Flakes because my dad accidentally spilled them all over the place and only a few of the flakes stayed in the box. 9/10.

TGIF Mozzarella Sticks

They made my stomach hurt and it was really hard to eat them. 2/10.


There was a Gatorade machine at my old aftercare and all I ever wanted was Gatorade and whenever I asked my dad to get it when he picked me up he said no. Now that I finally had it it’s ok not that good tbh. 5/10.