Another Tween’s Take on Quarantine: Netflix and Snacks

by Taylor Hillary, age 12, Bellmawr, NJ

While being stuck in the house, things could be boring or even fun. 

While I’m stuck in the house it gave me time to spend with my family and watch a lot of Netflix.

I had the idea to ask other people about their quarantine and how they feel about it and what they do while stuck in the house. 

My 39-year old sister Terri said, “Some days quarantine is really boring, and other days I find stuff to occupy me like cooking and eating all the good cooking. I want to work out but you can only walk on side of the road because parks are closed so then I get bored just walking so I watch TV. Then you learn how boring day time TV really is!”

She makes a point because you can really be into things so much but you’re usually too busy to do it, and now you’re stuck in the house so you can do it all the time but then it gets really boring.  

You can’t see your friends, so you start to miss them and school, but we must stay safe and not get sick, so we must practice social distancing and spend time with your family.  

On the other hand, my 16-year-old sister Danielle said, “It makes me feel more relaxed and able to focus on my schoolwork. While stuck in the house I have been watching all the Netflix I want.”

“I have also been eating the snacks my mom won’t stop cooking. I have also been doing way too much online shopping.”  

Both teachers and students do many of the same things. My science teacher Ms. Conner said, “I have been spending a lot of time on the computer communicating with the students, grading and planning.  When my work is done, I have been cooking and organizing things around my house.  Hopefully, when the weather gets nicer, I will be able to do yard work. Not very exciting.”  

To sum it up, now from asking those few people we know everyone has different opinions. I hope that after quarantine people will still do what they did while forced to stay in the house.

For example, while stuck in the house they would do their work before fun, but when we go back to school they will go outside and run around and not get their homework done. So, I hope that after quarantine they will get their homework done before fun.  Do you hope for the same?