Make New Friends But Keep the Old: A Tween on Switching Schools

by Maddie Brennan, 12, Broomall, PA

Last year, I moved schools from Friends School Of Haverford to my local public middle school in Broomall, Pa.

It was a hard transition for me but overall I ended up OK. I’m here to tell you it will be alright! I didn’t know anyone and now I have great new friendships and can’t wait to strengthen them.

If you’re moving schools and are dearly missing your old friends, I do too. There are ways to keep in touch like Facetime or texting and no one said you couldn’t have a sleepover (well, after the quarantine is over.)

I know I miss my old friends so much but I still invite them to my birthday and we chat all of the time. If you’re nervous and scared I was too. It’s completely normal.

I went from a private school with eight kids in my class to a public school with 27+ kids. It is hard to leave the old behind but I really think anyone is strong enough to get through it. 

The school district by my house has four different elementary schools but they all join for middle and high school. I left my old school because it went up to 8th grade and this way I could make new friends that I would have until 12th grade.

The big difference between my old and new school is that my old school was small and my new school is huge. The best thing about my new school is that all my new friends live close and the school has cool other classes like cooking.

To make friends you really have to just go up and say “hi.” I did and now I have great friends. At the start of the year, I missed all my old friends but I texted them all of the time and I really love my new friends.

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