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Another Tween’s Take on Quarantine Craze

Written by paigewolf

By: Kayra Kucuk, age 12, Bellmawr, NJ

Quarantine. says quarantine is “a strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease.”

But to us, it simply feels like house arrest.

When I first heard that my school is shutting down because of COVID-19, I was excited because we were allowed to do schoolwork at any time, watch Netflix or YouTube while working.

But one thing I didn’t realize is that staying home 24/7 would be very boring and affect everyone’s mental health.

Some days I would look at last year and realize “Oh, the school let us out for an hour in the field on this day last year” and “Oh, I went to New York City on this day last year. That day was so much fun! I wish I was able to go again this year.” Other days, when my mom or dad asked me if I wanted to walk with them or just drive around town, I would turn the offer down and say, “What’s the point of going outside if we’re not going to do something other than look?” Other times when I’m playing video games, I’ll suddenly just get bored and don’t feel like playing them anymore!

But here’s the good news to every teen, like me, that’s bored and depressed in their homes:

There are ways to be productive in your house.

Down below are some ways to be productive that take away boredom (these are things I tried, and trust me; they work):

Painting: It’s time to grab that paint brush and get your artistic side on! Whether it’s acrylic paint or watercolor, let your mind take over your paint brush and paint out your feelings. Whether you’re feeling positive or negative, painting is a good way for expressing emotion. Maybe this might be your new hobby, who knows!

Learning a New Language: Are there any languages that you always wanted to learn but you were too busy? Now you have the time to learn! After finishing up schoolwork, download apps like Duolingo and start practicing the language you want to learn about 10-15 minutes every day. (If you’re not too busy).

Baking: If you always wanted to bake, did you put it aside because you were too busy or because you were anxious about how it would turn out? Don’t be shy, get out a recipe book and try to bake something! Even if you make a mistake, it’s ok! The next time your baking, remember what you did wrong and make a mental note to not do it again. Remember, making mistakes is what teaches you to be better.

Organization: Yes, I know this is a topic most of us tend to stay away from, but trust me, this is a good idea. By doing this, you can get rid of most of the trash and find a way to put away most of the items that are probably on your floor, dresser, and/or desk. This also makes you happy, knowing that things are in order.

Sports: Is there a sport that you like, but practice has been cancelled? No fear, try practicing at home! Try going against one of your family members or have a competition with all of your family! If you don’t play a sport but always wanted to, you can try practicing from watching basics of that sport on YouTube.

Virtual Parties: For high school seniors and some juniors, their prom is cancelled. For other grades, their dances have been cancelled. But don’t worry! With a group of friends, agree on a day and time, and when that day comes, dress up your best, play some songs, and dance along with your friends! This is also a good way to get in touch with your friends!

I hope these would help you have fun and be productive during quarantine. Remember, one day, everything will be back to normal (somehow). This won’t go on forever. I know that these times are very dark and scary, I feel the same as you guys, but like I said, I promise these days will end soon.

Stay safe everyone! Remember to wash your hands and to wear and masks when going out!

By: Kayra Kucuk, age 12, Bellmawr, NJ Quarantine. says quarantine is “a strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease.” But to us, it simply feels like house […]

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