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Should You Let Your Teen go to Made in America?

Justin Bieber and Lil Baby are just a few of the performers sure to attract a young crowd.

It’s a tough decision, do you take your teen or tween to see their favorite artists at Made in America this weekend? It’s intimidating, thousands of people are expected on the Ben Franklin Parkway. The festival was canceled last year because of Covid, a year later, the threat of infection is still very real.

Organizers say all CDC and local public health mandates and guidelines will be implemented. That means you to get in, all ticket holders must hand over a recent negative Covid 19 test or proof of vaccination.  Social distancing will be tough, so everyone on festival grounds must wear a mask.

Thousands of music fans will descend on the Ben Franklin Parkway this Labor Day weekend for the Made in America Festival.

Don’t get lost in the crowd

The Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management is offering advice to families on how to stay safe in the crowd. If your teen is going with a group of friends, this is good information to pass on to them.

  • Know your surroundings: look for exits when you’re in a large crowd
  • Take pictures with your phone so you have photos of how everyone in your group is dressed
  • Let family and friends know you are safe on Twitter and Facebook if you get separated
  • Choose a place to meet
  • Report suspicious activity to police or security officers
  • Stay hydrated

For more information on how to stay safe at city events click here.

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It's intimidating, thousands of people are expected on the Ben Franklin Parkway."

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