New Mural Comes Alive in Chinatown

A parking lot on one Chinatown corner has never looked better!

Volunteers and community members painted a beautiful, vibrant mural at 10th and Winter Streets in early September. Philadelphia artist Chenlin Cai led the project. It includes the message “Love your community, get vaccinated.”

The project is supported by funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and in partnership with Chinese Immigrant Families Wellness Initiative and Philly Solidarity.

There are plans to repaint the mural at the 10th Street Plaza on September 26th.

PCDC Teen Club

That’s not all that’s happening in Chinatown. At the Crane Community Center, the new semester of the PCDC   Teen Club is underway. The afterschool program offers ping-pong, basketball, volleyball and other sports to high schoolers. It also offers SAT prep twice a week. Organizers say it’s a great way for teens to socialize and make new friends after school.


For more information on the 10th Street Plaza mural painting or PCDC Teen Club go to



Love your community, get vaccinated.”

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