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Your Teen Driver Hit the Garage Door, Now What?

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Pulling in and out of garages in the city can be tough for all drivers. It’s often a tight squeeze. It’s not uncommon for a new teen driver to have some accidents involving the garage.

Don’t panic, just be prepared

Keep calm and do a visual inspection

Picture this: your teenager accidentally runs into a garage door with panels in the middle of traveling up the tracks. The first thing you need to do is breathe slowly and keep yourself calm. Panic reacting won’t help deal with the situation, and you will have a very tense atmosphere in the middle of an emergency.

The next thing you should do is perform a visual inspection in the garage. Tell your teen to step out of the car and look at the door panels damage within the tracks. Sometimes, the damages are manageable, and there’s no need to stress yourself out of the situation. If the damage is greater than you expect, it’s time to consider the next option.

 Call for professional repair service

 It always helps to bookmark or save the contact number of reliable professionals. If you can, be familiar with garage door repair services within your area. The closer the business is, the faster they can attend to your damaged garage door.

 If the door panels have severe damage, it’s necessary to call licensed and highly experienced garage door technicians that can help you with any garage door issue you may have, from a garage door spring repair to a garage door panel replacement. Severe impairments from car accidents may compromise the foundation of your garage door system. Many garage door repairs services have trained mobile repair technicians who can work on your emergency at moment’s notice. All you need to do is explain the situation calmly and wait for your assigned professionals to arrive. You have the option to call a garage door repair company or search for one near you in an online business directory

The safety and security of your house is also important. It is essential to have a  professional Locksmith service that can install the locks in your home.

Prepare the garage for potential incidents

Lastly, after getting your urgent service, it’s best to think forward. Suppose your teenager is still learning how to drive; it’s best to prepare the garage for any potential scenario. Accidents can happen at any time, and if you experience it the second time around, the repairs may be more expensive. Prevention is better than a cure, so make it a point to prepare your garage to prevent potential dangers. 

Clear out the garage floor space to make room, especially if you store the car inside the garage daily. The fewer items on the garage floor equal fewer broken things in case of future accidents from driving practices. Always double-check the sensors in the tracks as they have the function of alerting the door panels in case something is in the path of the garage door. Finally, take the time to be with your teen in learning how to drive safely.






Don’t panic, just be prepared."

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