How to Make Your Garage a Safe Place for Teens to Hang

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There are many ways that the garage can be a dangerous space for your kids. Many things inside the garage can cause accidents and emergencies. It’s best to keep the area in check regularly from the garage door mechanism, random items, and sharp tools. You wouldn’t want to wake up one day to loud noises in the garage space.

Ensure the safety of your garage all the time, especially if children regularly go to this space. A few garage door safety tips can help preserve the doors to your garage. Apply some of these tricks to improve your garage safety.

Schedule for an annual tune-up service

The garage door system has many parts, and it’s always necessary to keep it safe. Sometimes you may probably need even a garage door spring replacement or a garage door opener repair. Due to constant usage, the condition of the doors may decline without regular maintenance.

Always remember, the sectional panels are very heavy and prone to dents. The springs are prone to breaking without proper lubrication and adjustment. The cables can loosen over time and snap without notice. An annual tune-up of all parts is the solution in keeping the garage door safety in check. Make sure to call a garage door repair company or search for one near you in an online business directory and get trained technicians to get the job done for you.

 Check the emergency release mechanism

The emergency release cord is part of the garage door mechanism. The cord usually comes in a red tag and hangs from the door opener in the ceiling space. The function of the cord is to disengage the door sectionals from the opener.

Ensure the emergency release cord works so you can manually lift the door panels in times of urgent need. If you have an installed emergency release kit, check if you can access the emergency release cord from outside the garage.

Clean the garage every week

It’s always better if you prevent accidents instead of dealing with emergencies at hand. In the same way, one method to keep your garage safe for kids is to check the garage constantly. Garages usually end up as additional storage for any household.

Schedule a weekly clean-up if you continuously dump waste bags, loose items, and machinery inside the garage. Clear the garage floor off items. Double-check hanging hooks on the walls. Clean the garage space from accident-causing objects.

Store sharp items away

One of the most crucial steps in keeping your garage safe is organization. You need to know where to put some items and strategically position things that you will store.

In particular, sharp objects can cause a lot of danger and accidents inside the garage. Imagine if your child gets a hold of pointed tools or ends up playing with sensitive machinery. Ensure that you hang sharp items away from the child’s reach.

It is also pertinent mentioning to ensure the security of your house, you should contact a professional Locksmith service. Having a locksmith service is very important to implement when installing locks within your household and garage door system, as this ensures the essential safety and security for your family.  

Throw away old fluids and chemicals properly

It’s not uncommon to find automotive fluids, paints, and some household chemicals inside the garage. Take note, most of these fluids are flammable, corrosive, and irritant in nature.

Always double-check for expiry or best-before dates and waste management methods of these liquids. If it’s time to get rid of them, dispose of them properly to prevent danger to your family, other people, and your garage.



It's always better if you prevent accidents instead of dealing with emergencies at hand"

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