Philly’s History Fast, Just Like They Like It

Has your teen ever been a tourist in Philadelphia?

How much of the history of our remarkable city do they know? The basics most likely, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Ben Franklin and the origin of the Liberty Bell.

A new kind of history book goes much deeper, tells fascinating stories about our city, in a fast-paced style that will hold your teen’s attention.

Published by Temple University Press, “Real Philly History, Real Fast” provides 51 punchy profiles about Philadelphia heroes and historic sites, says Jim Murphy, a first-time author in his late 70s.

“It’s history for everyone,” Murphy says, “for those who live in Philly and those just visiting. Short 3-to-4-page chapters on 51 intriguing subjects. Each with an informative headline and subhead, easy-to-read bullet copy, short, paragraphs, Fast Facts, a photo, and a list of nearby attractions.”

Murphy says, “I’ve never seen another travel book or guidebook like this in Philadelphia or anywhere else. You can read the book in quick bites. And if you don’t like one story, you can just jump to the next.”

Readers will discover interesting facts on every page that make touring Philadelphia far more enjoyable, he says.

This book answers such questions as:

  • What unique skill saved black businessman James Forten from a life of West Indian slavery?
  • Where is the first Pennsylvania historic marker in Philadelphia located with the word “riot” in the title?
  • What’s the name of the oldest quarantine station in the Western Hemisphere?
  • Which famous Philadelphia painter may have gotten his artistic talent from a noted forger – his father – who was exiled from England?
  • Where was the Liberty Bell secretly damaged?

 A longtime resident of Philadelphia, Jim Murphy is a certified tour guide who does frequent in-person and online presentations on “The Amazing Success of William Penn.” He has been researching Philadelphia history since 2010.

Murphy recommends his book as gifts for students, friends, relatives, graduates, even as presents for wedding parties in the Philadelphia area.

You can buy the book online or better yet, find it at a local bookstore.

Readers will discover interesting facts on every page"

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