Turn Your Garage into a Scary Halloween Party Space

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If your urban living space includes a garage, don’t let it go to waste. This fall think about moving your car to the street and turning your garage into a scary Halloween party spot.

Skeletons, skulls, monsters and witches will look right at home in this transformed space. 

Make sure it’s safe

Safety is key!  If you invite other people to the garage, you need to ensure that the space is safe and doesn’t become a danger-prone area. Before you set up the decorations, check the condition of the garage first.

Get rid of sharp objects like loose hardware, tools, machinery, loose nails. Next, check the condition of the garage door. Pull the emergency release cord so you can check the panels, rollers, and tracks. You may need to call a garage door repair company if one of these parts is not working properly. Licensed and highly experienced technicians will come and assist you with any garage door issue, from a garage door spring repair to a garage door panel installation, they will also help you inspect the other moving parts after and do necessary tune-ups to increase the safety inside the garage. You can go to an online business directory to find a garage door repair service near you.

 Add projectors and sound system

Bring your household entertainment equipment to the garage. If you have televisions, projectors, and sound systems, set them up inside the garage. You can play scary Halloween movies for your guests.

You can also prepare your own Halloween video with a spooky soundtrack to play during the party. Make a playlist of Halloween music for everybody to enjoy during the celebration.

Bring in necessary items for the celebration

Bring the necessary seating articles like tables, chairs, and couches to the garage. Empty the garage first so that you can set up all items and things needed for the party. Park your vehicle in another spot, so you can clean the garage beforehand.

Space will be a big concern if you have a big celebration. At this time, the state of the garage door must be safe after your inspection. You can branch out the area by manually lifting the garage door across the overhead tracks. Now, you have the extension from the garage to the driveway.

It is also relevant mentioning to ensure the security of your house, you should contact a professional Locksmith service. Having a locksmith service is important to implement when installing locks within your household and garage door system, as this ensures the essential safety and security for you and your family. 

Add a theme to the celebration

Lastly, the best way to make a decorative Halloween party is by picking out a good theme or motif. Ask your kids what kind of atmosphere they want to create. Super scary or more of a Casper the friendly ghost theme. Consider the ages of your guests before deciding how spooky to make the space.

Keep the party as green as possible and if you have the time, handcraft some crafts for the party. A simple cut-out or toy ornament goes a long way. Customized cakes can bring out the atmosphere of the party. Add recycles and hand-made fliers to spice up the theme.

Your best friend and greatest helper in any of your child’s parties is your creativity. Simple crafts and hand-made accessories can add details. Make the party count and memorable.




Space will be a big concern if you have a big celebration"

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