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Septa Strike Could Put the Brakes on In Person Learning

Two months

We’ve managed to keep our kids in school for nearly two months. It’s not been without struggle, but so far, the School District of Philadelphia Covid19 protocol seems to be working, the schools are still open.

Now a labor issue could derail this already precarious school year. If Septa workers strike, we’re most likely returning to virtual. Sixty thousand students use the system to get to and from school. The district, already dealing with transportation issues due to a bus driver shortage, would have no choice.

Will They Walk?

The current contract expires on October 31st. Workers could walk the next day. They did it in 2016, at the stroke of midnight on November 1st and stayed off the job for six days.

Transport Workers Union Local 23 and Septa aren’t talking about the sticking points in negotiations. Over the summer the union polled its members and found hazard pay and sick day pay were the most important issues.

SDP points out in a letter to parents that it is not directly involved in negotiations. It says it is advocating relentlessly with city leaders for a non-strike resolution to Septa negotiations with the union. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Now a labor issue could derail this already precarious school year."

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