UnPlug Your Teen!

Written by Guest Contributor

In today’s digital world, teens can connect with anyone, anywhere in seconds. You’d think that young people would feel more connected to things than ever- But the truth is that the more our screens “connect us,” the more anxious and alone our teens feel. Disconnected from reality.

Teens need an opportunity to unplug and reconnect with peers, and with nature. After that year and a half of relative “solitary confinement” up in the bedroom staring at their laptop, teenagers are the greatest casualty of the pandemic mental health crisis. It’s our job as their parents and care-givers to pull them out of their mental dungeons and bring back what’s left of their childhood.

 There are many excellent summer programs for teens, but very few that take place unplugged/outdoors, and even less that are focused on building 21st century skills. The kind of skills that will help them be successful in school, college, career, and family life. Communication, Collaboration, Work Ethic, Creativity– These are the skills that employers are seeking, that robots and computers are unable to take away from the workforce.

At programs like Liberty Lake, teens are pushed beyond their comfort zone, creating growth opportunities that positively impact how they process their emotions while they navigate relationships. While many of these experiences are intense and impactful, teens are able to push through challenges and celebrate victories with one another, gaining well-earned self-esteem, while building friendships and relationships.

For more info: https://libertylakedaycamp.com/teen-leadership/

Teens need an opportunity to unplug and reconnect with peers, and with nature"

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